Frequently Asked Questions



Does being a member of a private school like AEI mean that the record keeping and testing requirements required by the county/state are not required?  What is the cost benefit?

Registering with the county/state homeschooling option requires you to have your child evaluated by a Florida certified teacher each year.  Most evaluators charge $40-$60 for this service.  AEI does not require you to have this evaluation.


Those registered in a private school must meet the requirements of that private school within the law.  AEI does not require a particular method of record keeping or testing.  However, AEI encourages all families to document learning activities in some form.  Portfolios are a great way to document your child’s progress and accomplishments.  These portfolios will not only serve as a scrapbook of your child’s early work, they can also be invaluable for older students when applying to colleges or seeking job positions.


Registering with AEI is a valid, legal choice for homeschoolers who choose not to register with their county. 



What does the term “600 or "umbrella" school mean?


Many private schools serving homeschoolers call themselves "600" or "umbrella" schools. The fact is that they are non-public schools legally the same as every other non-public school in Florida.  The “600" refers to the statute number that some schools incorporate under. 


I understand that the state requires 180 days of attendance.  How often does this need to be submitted?  


Attendance can be sent in monthly or quarterly.  You must show 180 days of school in one year.  The year starts the day you register and ends 365 days later.  You may use any format you choose and email it to AEI.

Is kindergarten attendance required for a child that turns five before September 1?

(Answer from FL DOE website)

“No. A parent that chooses not to enroll their child in kindergarten is not in violation of compulsory school attendance laws. However, Florida law, [Section 1003.21 (1)(a), Florida Statutes], specifies that all children who have attained the age of six years or who will have attained the age of 6 years by February 1 of any school year are required to attend school regularly during the entire school term. If a child enters public school at age 6 without evidence of kindergarten completion of an official transcript, then the district will place the student in the first program of study, and that is kindergarten. The child will progress according to the district's student progression plan.”


 Do I need to be registered with the county/state if I enroll in AEI?


No. When you enroll in AEI or any private school, you do NOT need to register with the Home Education program in your county.  (Registering with the county as a home education student AND registering with a private school is not statutory.  If your county requests it, please follow up with them concerning the law.) 


However, if you are currently registered with the state home education program (via your local school board), you MUST send them a notice of termination.  This is required of any child registered with the state home education program regardless if you choose to enroll the child in a public school, a private school, or transfer your home education program to another county.   The only thing required by law is the child’s name, address and the parents signature on the letter stating that you are ending your “state home education program“.  You can tell them where you plan to enroll, or if you are moving out of state, but it is not required by law. 



Do you have to submit something to AEI so that my child can be promoted to the next grade? 


No. You as the parent decide what grade level to teach and how you will promote.  Some homeschoolers do not use grade levels or promotions. 


What happens if I decide to enroll my child back into public school?


You would follow the enrollment requirements of the state/county.  You must also email a "Letter of Withdrawal" to the AEI director. You can request a "Letter of Good Standing" from AEI for proof of past enrollment.


You stated that the cost is $25 per school year, per student for 365 days, and I handle all curriculum and educational records, etc.  Other than attendance,  is there anything else that needs to be submitted to you at any time?


Records to be emailed:

1.  Proof of age (for children entering Kindergarten only).     

2.  Certification of school-entry health examination performed within 1 year prior to enrollment or signed statement by the parent or guardian stating objections to such examination on religious grounds. 

3.  Certificate of current immunization or signed statement by the parent or guardian stating that the administration of immunization agents conflicts with their religious tenets or practices.



We do not see a doctor regularly, only when it is something we cannot handle.  We feel we are to pray before seeking medical care, where does that leave us?


This is not a problem. The statutes state that a parent may object in writing to the health requirement because of religion. You do not have to state what religion you practice. You can get a form from your county, or you can write a letter and email it.


For the health examination:

· a signed statement by the parent or guardian stating that such examination conflicts with their religious tenets or practices.


For immunization:

· a signed statement by the parent or guardian stating that the administration of immunization agents conflicts with their religious tenets or practices.



Can my middle/high school age student participate in public school "extra-curricular" activities?


In some districts it is easy to enroll in extra-curricular activities. The best thing to do is ask your assigned school or district about the procedures.  















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